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Notes from designer, Christine DeGennaro

In our recent Sydney Love collections, I have featured faux leather materials. This has allowed us to work with beautiful colors and textures, while maintaining the flexibility to quickly react to handbag and color trends from season to season.

For years, the mindset has been that brands had to feature leather to validate their status of luxury and quality. But, why?

Over the last couple of years, there have been incredible strides towards making man-made materials as desirable as leather products. The newest faux leathers have the textured look and subtle feel of leather.

I am proud that our bags are so well constructed. Time and consideration to detail are vital to making our handbags, whether it be in selecting durable materials, making sure that stitching is perfect on each piece, or in choosing the right hardware. Nothing is rushed in our production - the focus is on taking as much time as necessary to make a product that will satisfy our Sydney Love customer and keep her coming back.

And, it is surely gratifying to know that by using faux leather materials, we are responsibly doing something that is more humane and environmentally beneficial.